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  • How do the Maths tests work?
    1 point for a correct answer
    -2 points for an incorrect answer
    Mini is 20 questions for 2 minutes and the full test is 80 questions for 8 minutes
    Do not leave any blanks!
  • What difficulty level on trader maths is most like the recruitment tests?
    Try pass the Medium difficulty test by getting a score of 60/80.
  • Do i need to know coding to be a trader?
    Most roles will require some form of coding, The recommended languages are Python, SQL and C++, to get started checkout codeacademy: New Course! Learn Advanced Python with Codecademy
  • What is a market maker?
    An individual who will quote both a bid and offer price for an option. This provides liquidity to the market and trades can always be executed at some price. They will typically then hedge against their position.
  • Best books to learn about market making?
    All About High-Frequency Trading - Michael Durbin: find here
    The Man Who Solved the Market: Jim Simons: find here
  • What do "the Greeks" refer to in the Black-Scholes mathematical model?
    Each Greek letter refers to a different factor that prices the options. They measure the price change to the option relative to the following factors:
    Delta - underlying asset.
    Gamma - delta.
    Vega - volatility.
    Theta - time.
    RHO - interest rate
  • Best books to read about options?
    Options futures other derivatives – John Hull: find here
  • How can I further improve my mental maths?
    If you want to accelerate your mental maths ability and excel at the recruitment tests, Daniel Timms specializes in mental calculation for practical and professional use, and is available for mental maths coaching link